X-Country Finishes Strong Season

Josh Ruck, Reporter

Throughout the fall sports season, Woodbridge High School has seen success in their pursuits for victory. From football to cross country, Barrons have performed to their best.

One team, Girls’ Cross Country, finished their season with a 4-2 record. Head coach Robert Timinski is extremely proud of his team. “They show up everyday and work tremendously hard, they all get along and are incredibly encouraging to one another,” Timinski said.

Consistency and dedication are two of the biggest factors that go into cross country. Coach Timinski has his runners start conditioning in July in preparation for the season. This strengthens their legs and their stamina. “Most of our runners run year round so they are always in shape,” Timinski said. Because of this, by the start of the season Timinski’s runners are more than prepared. 

Coach Timinski loves when his players “leave it all out” on the course and give it their all. “Show up and work hard every day and most importantly be a great teammate everyday” Timinski said.

He would like to give a shout out to all his players who “work so hard everyday in one of the toughest sports in our school, also a special shout out to our seniors Mya Ramos, Olivia Alvarez, Bailey Timinski and Jayleen Benavides.” Coach Timinski also thanks Boys’ Cross Country coach Joseph Rotella for being a great partner during the season. 

The Woodbridge High School Boys’ Cross Country team has lived up to expectations set by Coach Rotella at the beginning of the season. All his runners have beaten their personal records. They have also beaten cross town rivals JFK and Colonia.

They have competed in every race they’ve been in. “ Whether we’ve won or lost, the runners have left everything out on the course and that’s all I can ask for,” Coach Rotella said. 

His team constantly runs to stay in great shape during the season. “We increase the mileage through the season as well as different types of workouts such as speed runs or pacing runs. It’s all about running,” Coach Rotella said. 

Rotella likes to preach to his players that, “Running is a sport that can mess with your mental state and in order to do the best you can, you need to focus on yourself. How can I improve and how can I beat my time?” He said these are the questions a cross country runner needs to be asking.

Coach Rotella would like to give a shout out to varsity members Kalel Wong, Cornelius Jackson, Omar Dieguez, Nabhan Arif, Muhammed Qasim, Ayden Cassano and Ray Gregorio.