WHS Offers Tomorrow’s Teachers


Ryan Fijol

Students enrolled in Tomorrow’s Teachers observe classrooms like this.

Savannah Alamo, Reporter

Tomorrow’s Teachers is a new class in Woodbridge High School. It replaced the TAPS program, creating a more interactive and full year experience for the students of that class, who are referred to as “Teacher Cadets.”

Students who fill out a certain amount of paperwork, pay a fee, maintain a high grade in the class, and complete assignments through the university can earn 3 college credits. 

The program that Mr. Sienkiewicz mentions to be “pretty selective” because you must have a 3.0 GPA, be a senior, and must genuinely want to pursue a teaching career.

Students will be seeing the educational process from the lens of an observer and not as a student , taking the dual enrollment class offered through Kean University. 

The class itself is taught by Mr. Sienkiewicz. He teaches the basics of teaching and sends students to go and observe their assigned teacher’s teaching styles. Then, in about mid December they begin their field experience, where they are set in an elementary school or a middle school setting and interact with students such as one on one help, helping with lessons, and reading to a class.

Mr. Switek, being one of the assigned teachers, mentions that he doesn’t change the environment or lesson plans for his observers, because he describes it as being “inauthentic”. He sees it as inspiring, seeing students he once taught come in and become student teachers, and that they enjoyed their student experience so much they can find them being teachers themselves.

 One thing Mr. Switek can impart as a teacher is “…it’s always about the kids. Even when you’re new and concerned for yourself, your time management, your discipline issues… it’s always about your students and whether the time spent with you was a positive aspect of their day or a negative one.”. he also says he wishes for more of Tomorrow’s Teachers, because his doors are “…literally always open.”.

This program provides a chance for young minds to go ahead and take on leadership skills in a field that interests them.  

Senior Isabella Rosano, one of the students that participates in the tomorrow’s teachers program, feels that she benefited from the course because she can “… test drive being a teacher, and can receive college credits while she is a high school student.”, which she mentions as an “amazing opportunity.”.