How Covid is Changing Gym Class

Jack Brenner, Reporter

With Covid still apparent in schools across the world, see how Woodbridge High is adjusting to the new rules regarding Physical Education. 

Covid in Phys Ed has had a big effect on the students and teachers in the class. 

Student Michael Travostino likes to spend most of his time in Phys Ed playing Spikeball and basketball. It’s frustrating to him because he can’t take his mask off and he can’t always play the game he wants at the gym.

Another student Joni Arroyo also spends most of his time playing basketball and doesn’t enjoy it when he doesn’t get to play it. But doesn’t have a problem with the protocols and says they don’t affect him. 

Mr Ward says he doesn’t expect us going back to normal regarding changing into gym clothes and says “masks will most likely be required.” He knows it’s hard not to feel comfortable and let loose while in gym, but he hopes the classes stay low impact so it won’t be necessary to take the masks off with the non heavy breathing. He also expects students to keep their mask on not only in gym but throughout the day too out of respect for the fellow students and staff in the building.

Referring to the gym activities and how students can enjoy it he says, some students get more out of Phys Ed but it can be as enjoyable and hardworking as you make it, but at the same time trying to get everything as Covid safe as possible. With the colder weather approaching students and staff will be given the choice to go outside instead of staying inside, which he likes the idea because it keeps everyone safer and he likes everyone getting some fresh air during school hours. 

With the Covid cases rising by the day and the uncertainty of what may come students appreciate the time in gym class when they’re with friends, getting the chance to get their physical activity in.