Video Game Heaven at Woodbridge High School

Jeremiah Malfer, Reporter

Students who game will be pleased to know that there is a club where students can play well-known consoles and play video games available for them to use.

The Video Game Club in Woodbridge High School offers a space for students to discuss their favorite games and play their favorite games. 

Mr. Hoyer hosts meetings every other Tuesday after school in room D-8. Students have to submit a signed permission slip in order to participate in this club.

Club participants can choose from a variety of consoles such as the PlayStation 2, N64, GameCube, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one and more. There are a variety of games that participants can choose from to play.

Woodbridge High School teacher and Video Game Club host Mr. Hoyer says, “All sorts of games are played, from Smash Bros to Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Forza etc.” 

There are multiple games and consoles that club participants can enjoy playing.

Even though many games are played in the club, games that are Rated M and above are not allowed to be played since these games are violent and are not school appropriate. Students can also bring in their own consoles and video games to play.

When asked about what they do in the club, Mr. Hoyer said, “During meetings we play games.” 

Everyone usually just chat about their favorite games, discuss game updates or even compete in PvP games.

WHS senior Christopher Jiminez says, “I think that it’s good that we have a Video Game Club here. A lot of people enjoy playing video games and playing with other people is even better.”

If it ever gets to the point where school shuts down due to Covid cases, Mr. Hoyer will still host meetings on a google meet for students to join and just play video games like a usual meeting.

It’s not too late to join the club, for more information students can join the google classroom or email Mr. Hoyer. The google classroom code is: cfjswgq.