What to Know About Community Service Hours

Melani Torres, Reporter

Students at Woodbridge High School have an opportunity to learn about how to serve their community while getting community service hours throughout their high school period. 

WHS encourages students to take the opportunity to get community service hours in. They are not needed in order to graduate; however, if a student completes at least 40 hours they will receive a purple cord to be worn during graduation.

Ms. Ferrara, a guidance counselor at WHS, voices, “students should look forward to volunteering where they are comfortable, and with things that they have interests in. Students should participate to provide a service for the community without any form of compensation.” 

The National Honors Society pushes for students to participate, and counselors can also help if you have any questions. The school website has postings of organizations that are looking for volunteers.

There are many different options for students to choose from such as the American Red Cross-Central Jersey chapter. This provides students with the opportunity to assist victims of disasters and help with office work, special events and fundraising. Or the animal rescue force, you must be at least 15 years old to participate. You will interact with cats and dogs of all breeds. Volunteers are asked to work one Saturday or Sunday a month at an adoption center. 

There is no specific time to get hours in, but Mr. Kane, a teacher at WHS, recommends 10 hours per year. Counselors recommend that any options that involve the following should be avoided: anything that students can get paid for, court assigned, donating gifts or money, or anything that could be received compensation. 

There is a log where students can input their hours and tasks. Then have the advisor sign off, and then hand it in to their guidance counselor, so the counselor can post in Genesis to keep track of their hours.

Some students have joined a host and hostess club where they give you the opportunity to get some volunteer hours, by volunteering to make sandwiches for a soup kitchen.

Angelina Xicali, a student at Woodbridge agrees, saying, “I am definitely interested in getting  more community service hours because it’s not only good for college but it feels good to know that you are helping someone in some way. Or making the world a little bit better.”