Chartwells Scandal Staged to Curb Obesity


Simal Noori, Reporter

In the fall of 2019, parents complained to the school about how their kids were gaining weight, blaming it on all the food being offered at school was the root of this problem. 

After hearing the parents complain the school reached out to Chartwells. Together they thought of a plan to conquer this problem, all while the kids were enjoying lunch. 

Before Woodbridge High School, could put the plan into action, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and schools were closed for about a year and a half. Then, all that Chartwells could do was wait for them to reopen.

When the school reopened, students were once again served the lunch. 

The same parents who complained back in 2019 were still concerned over the health of their children. They reached out to the school to make sure they won’t be fed the same starchy food again. 

On the first day, almost every student threw their lunch out, making most students go home hungry.

Christopher Silva, a junior at WHS said, “Lunch used to taste so good before the pandemic and now they serve us this wrapped up and cold sandwich, which tastes so rotten.” A few weeks into school, students stopped eating lunch altogether. Those that did eat brought it from home and their parents made sure to pack healthy lunches. 

Hector Kennedy, a freshman at WHS said, “At the beginning of the school year I weighed about 186lbs and now halfway through the marking period I stand at 170lbs!”

Kennedy’s close friend, Tia Sulek, stated how every day Kennedy would only have vegetables in his lunch box. Suleks thinks that the fact that Kenndy stopped eating school lunch is what made him lose the weight. 

At the end of the marking period, parents got a survey to ask if the school lunch system has made any difference for the kids. The happy parents stated that many of their kids have lost a significant amount of weight. 

This occurred while students thought that Chartwells was serving this type of lunch on purpose when in reality it was all planned to put an end to obesity in WHS.