Severe Pile Up in WHS Student Parking Section


Melani Torres

Carnage seen in the WHS parking lot, after numerous of cars got involved in a fiery wreck. A consequence of this being an increase in car insurance rates.

Melani Torres, Reporter

Car insurance rates for Woodbridge High School students have skyrocketed after a six-car pile-up in one of the student parking sections of the school.

It started with a senior, Jack Carter, rear-ending a school bus. When questioned about the incident, Carter said, “no comment.” However, Carter shared the need of having to walk to and from school because the bus driver refused to pick him up.

The bus driver had a few words to say regarding the incident, “who taught these kids how to drive!”

However, the most recent incident has been the seven-car pile-up. It might seem impossible to mess up that bad, but for Woodbridge, it seems people have the concept of real-life bumper cars down-packed.

Thankfully Mr. Modesto, a teacher at WHS, witnessed the incident firsthand during his morning exercise. He said, “I saw the whole scene go down during my stroll for exercise first block.” He also later claimed that this has affected him so deeply that he will be taking matters into his own hands. “I no longer go for strolls, I patrol the area searching for any possible incidents. Making Woodbridge safer one confiscated license at a time.”

He will be confiscating licenses and car keys as he sees fit. His new slogan is “Watch out, seniors!” He also has started pointing fingers at possible causes of this incident “Personally I believe it was Ms. Burke’s fault and her failed teaching abilities.” When questioned Ms. Burke, the driver’s ed teacher at WHS said, “no comment”. 

However, Coach Jacovinich, a drivers ed teacher at WHS, said, “I tried my best to teach them but it isn’t my fault they are incapable of parallel parking or the general idea of driving at all. And to be honest I’m just here to get my check.” He has proved his side of the story. Leaving Mrs. Burke to be the only cause. 

There was a recent survey taken by seniors one of the questions was based on whether students could tell the gas and brake pedal apart, in fact, 99.8% could not. Which has been believed to cause the spike in recent car insurance rates.

After questioning several students involved, most said they were trying to beat each other to the Starbucks and McDonald’s drive-through. Leaving all six cars hit, and in the back of the fast-food drive-through and first in line to get car repairs, leaving students with no form of transportation to and from school.