Mr. Jacovinich to Teach TikTok Dance Course


Janese Lewis

WHS’ Mr. Jacovinich attends a TikTok dance convention. In preparation for the new TikTok class, he was been routinely doing so.

Janese Lewis, Reporter

Mr. Jacovinich is set to teach a TikTok dance course elective for the 2022-2023 school year with hopes to improve the physical health and increase interest in dance among students. 

During the weekly “What’s Tea With Gen-Z” faculty meeting, Mr. Jacovinich, current physical education and health teacher, assistant girls basketball coach, and head coach of the girls and boys volleyball teams at Woodbridge High School, expressed his growing interest in TikTok dance trends and challenges. 

Given this newfound love for TikTok, he wanted to share it, deciding to give students the opportunity to enroll in such a class with the new “TikTok Dance and Challenges” course. 

In an interview with the Barron Perspective, Mr. Jacovinich said “I’m excited for students to tap, tap, tap in with me next year and appreciate the constantly growing culture of TikTok dances.” 

According to Mr. Jacovinich, each class session will consist of warm-ups, a lesson teaching dances and challenges, and then a cool-down before dismissal. Class participation will count as minor grades. 

For major assignments, students will be required to record and post themselves on TikTok performing a trending dance challenge chosen by Mr. Jacovinich. The grade will depend 30% on execution and 70% on view count.

Like all other classes at Woodbridge High, Mr. Jacovinich’s TikTok dance course does have rules.

Students who need to be excused from the class must imitate a currently trending TikTok sound from the “TikTok Viral” category. Only upon approval from their peers may they be excused to leave the room. 

Any student in violation of this rule is subject to credit loss and will be excluded from the day’s activities. 

For dedicated students, Mr. Jacovinich will also be offering a continuum of the class after school as a club every Tuesday and Thursday. 

The first four club meetings will consist of mandatory training for all members. Students will spend the remainder of club sessions competing against one another in weekly dance-offs. 

Each dance-off will be judged by Mr. Jacovinich and one guest judge from the WHS faculty. After each competition, one student will be eliminated from the club. 

The member left standing after the dance-off finale will receive verification on TikTok and the opportunity to meet a surprise TikTok creator. 

For students looking to invest in the culture of modern dance, Mr. Jacovinich says “Look no further.”

In partnership with TikTok, Mr. Jacovinich has been working around the clock to make this class the best it can be for the next school year.