Spiritual and Astrology Club Feuds

Savannah Alamo, Reporter

Starting as a club to bring knowledge to students about spirituality and astrology, the Spiritual and Astrology Club has since pitted students against each other.

Now, members are distancing themselves from certain students with a set astrology sign. Pisces, those born between February 19th and March 20th, have been taking the bulk of the recent pushback.

During a meditation session, a club member (who talked to The Barron Perspective under the guise of anonymity) threw a yoga mat at a female Pisces, claiming, “…they were just too emotional, the synergy level of the meeting went to a zero real quick when their negative energy entered the room.”

Adding to the comment, the member, who claims to be a Gemini, said, “… you could just fell when a pisces enters a room, its cold, bleak, and dreary.”

Previous reports reported that before the incident, another club member threw a crystal at a Gemini for “talking too much.”

At first, members took to wearing their astrology sigh on their clothing to show what they represent, leading to members being attacked in the hallway by people with other signs.

After this practice was banned by the administration, members swapped signs for colors. This has caused unsuspecting members not a part of the club to be attacked just for the coloring of their clothing.

Due to these violent incidents, faculty members will meet to discuss whether the Spiritual and Astrology club should exist as a club in its current capacity.

Proposals for how the club should operate going into the future range from keeping it at its current capacity and “learn from the chaos between the groups” to shutting down the club completely.

Those in favor of the club argue that the club benefits students by connecting them with their “higher self”, helping set members on a spiritual journey, and teach about how star alignments can affect one’s behavior.

In meetings, activities consist of meditation, yoga, soul readings, and other activities associated with the field.

Until staff comes up with a final resolution, club meetings will be postponed until further notice.

Other sources say students are planning to meet outside of school to continue the club.