Dr. Lottmann Reflects on His Rap Past

Dr. Lottmann accepting the Debut Single of the Year award at the MTV Video Music Awards. This was  Lottmanns last public appearance as Big Lots.

Riley Ivanitski

Dr. Lottmann accepting the “Debut Single of the Year” award at the MTV Video Music Awards. This was  Lottmann’s last public appearance as Big Lots.

Riley Ivanitski, Reporter

Before getting into teaching and becoming the principal of Woodbridge High School, Dr. Lottmann strived to be the world-renowned mumble rap legend known as “Big Lottz”.

Dr. Lottmann’s career first began during his senior year of high school. Being in the choir, his teacher would always comment on his diction. Essentially, they said that he was singing so quickly they couldn’t understand what he was saying most of the time.

“My choir teacher tried very hard to tell me that I had no shot in the music industry, but my mom said otherwise. I always trusted her judgement more anyway,” Dr. Lottmann explained.

Dr. Lottmann sought after a record label that would promote his talents. Though, to his surprise, no labels would take him, which only inspired him to work harder. 

This barrier meant that Dr. Lottmann had to record songs on his own, as well as promote them on his own.

Dr. Lottmann said he never saw the barriers as a sign of music not being the right career choice for him. Dr. Lottmann also explained that his mother constantly reminded him that he was a star, saying that’s what made him persevere.

On the last day of his senior year, Dr. Lottmann officially released his debut single, “Gmornin’ Gmornin’”, with the story going that he played the song over the intercom at school for all to hear.

Within days of release, Dr. Lottmann was receiving offers from huge record labels to acquire his talents.

Dr. Lottmann made appearances as a musical guest on various television shows and even went to music festivals with just this one song. 

“I always saw ‘Gmornin’ Gmornin’’ as my stepping stone. It was a way to prove that unintelligible speech is just my style of art. Just like that one artist is with abstract art,” said Dr. Lottmann.

Dr. Lottmann went on to record a studio album, which failed to succeed. Dr. Lottmann said that receiving a doctorate and becoming a principal was always his backup plan, and he is extremely grateful for his fifteen minutes of fame.

When asked about his take on Dr. Lottmann’s original career, Woodbridge High School teacher Mr. O’Halloran said, “During my interview with Dr. Lottmann when I applied for a job here, he asked if I was familiar with “Big Lottz”. I explained that I am a fan of the store, as I love a good bargain, but Lottmann’s face changed quickly. I then realized he was talking about himself and played it off as a joke.” Allegedly, he will not hire someone unless you acknowledge that you are in the presence of a celebrity.

Today, Dr. Lottmann can be found singing his single to students every morning. Many believe he’s just greeting them, but to him, it is so much more than that. You can take Lottmann out of mumble rap, but you can’t take mumble rap out of Lottmann.