Vaccinated Students Have Built-In Chromebook Chargers


Liam Kelly

A senior, Angel Vega, laying on a Chromebook, charging it for a fellow student. After this, Angel charged the student ten dollars for the service.

Liam Kelly, Reporter

With COVID-19 vaccines being available for all Woodbridge High School students, many are realizing that an effect of the shot is the capability to charge Chromebooks without a charger. 

The first reported incident came from Darryl Hodge, a seventeen-year-old senior, who reported, “I was in my third block class when I saw that my Chromebook was almost dead. Since I had finished all my school work, I decided to take a nap. When the bell rang I went to fourth block and looked to see if my Chromebook was dead. I was surprised to see that my Chromebook was fully charged!”

The reason for this occurrence has not been confirmed, however, early tests are showing that it may relate to the arm the person got the vaccine in being near their Chromebook.

Some have cited the idea of microchips in the vaccine being the reason for the Chromebook charging, but it is still unclear as to how it is happening. 

Further testing of the vaccinated WHS populace concluded that while not everyone has the ability to do so, many do.

These vaccinated students who can charge Chromebooks are using this to their advantage.

One of those students is Angel Vega, a seventeen-year-old senior, who has been using this ability in an entrepreneurial way, he said, “Since not everyone brings a Chromebook charger with them to school, I thought about charging a fee to charge their Chromebooks. I’ve made around 100 bucks in a week from doing this.

On what he may do with the shoes, Vega said, “Might buy myself a pair of shoes with this money.”

Although many students are fine with this surge of Chromebook charging services, some are showing concerns this creates an unfair advantage. 

Those who cannot charge their Chromebook using their arm are starting to worry about what it could mean for the future. Alexander Rendeiro, a senior, who is vaccinated but does not have a built-in charger said, “I just worry that this will create a lot of problems for people. What if the school starts charging students for outlets? How much will a replacement Chromebook charger cost? I’ve already paid Angel enough to have my Chromebook charged so I think it’s unfair to use.”

This issue has only started in Woodbridge High, but scientists think this will spread around the schools of the country in a matter of weeks.

Some speculate this will lead to more people getting vaccinated to not have to carry a charger around. Only time will tell whether or not we will see humans be the next phone chargers.