Health Teachers Teach Proper Mask Etiquette


Josh Ruck

WHS Health teachers envision a demonstration doll like this to teach students about proper mask use. The teachers began fundraising for one recently.

Josh Ruck, Reporter

With COVID-19 cases rising at Woodbridge High School, some health teachers are going back to the basics. Teaching students how to properly wear a mask, step by step.

“It’s an outrage, ” one teacher said, who spoke under condition of anonymity because he and his colleagues did not have approval on their lesson plans at the time of publication.

“It’s simply common sense. I can’t believe we have to go over this, ” another said. 

Health teachers are holding lessons for each class going step by step in detail. “Hopefully this will make them learn,” one teacher said. The teachers created Google Slides with diagrams and step-by-step videos. Hoping to get the point across, the Slides will be reviewed once a week. 

“I really hope students can learn from this because it’s ridiculous,” a teacher said.

The Slides include a step-by-step tutorial directing students to place one string on each ear and then bend the brim to form around the wearer’s nose. It also explained that noses must be covered at all times. “They have a hard time grasping that one,” said one teacher. 

The accompanying video features two teachers demonstrating putting a mask on each other. “I think it will give the kids a really good visual so they can really grasp the concept,” said one teacher.

“This whole thing is ridiculous, but it’s probably necessary,” said one student who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

The teachers are also trying to fund the purchase of a dummy so they can do live demonstrations to enhance the point.  “If we can get the dummy, that would be great. Everyone will be able to see it live, ” said one teacher, “After that, there’s nothing else we can do. You hope the lesson sinks in.”