Administration Forces WHS Apparel Based Dress Code

John Brenner, Reporter

Woodbridge High School administrators have changed the school’s dress code for students, now mandating the wearing of only WHS apparel to recoup lost revenue from COVID-19.

Initial responses from students and parents of the school indicate disapproval towards the move, claiming that it’s unfair to those who can’t afford to purchase the school apparel, particularly with a twenty percent rise in pricing.

Rebutting, a message from the Woodbridge Township Board Of Education said, “With a mixture of disinterest from towards students attending sporting events, more people bringing in their own lunch due to their conceptions of the school lunches, and effects still felt form the closure of school due to COVID.”

“It’s either this or the football team” it added.

Charging at higher prices, this apparel will be forced onto the students until the school can get back to financial stability.

Until the school can financially get back on its feet, this ruling and price hike will be in place.

Included in the updated dress code is a mandate of facial mask-wearing, also WHS branded.

“Adding face masks to the dress code is both an effective way to stop the spread of COVID and keep schools from closing while bringing in extra revenue…” said WHS administrators in a letter sent to parents.

WHS face masks start at $25.00 per mask.

With its implementation, students have planned to boycott school once the ruling takes effect.

On the updated coding, sophomore student Josh Ruck said, “Being forced to wear WHS branded clothing is outrageous. People want express themselves with what they wear, not be forced into wearing the same thing as someone else.” 

WHS administration said the new students’ dress code will be in place until the school can recoup lost revenue.

On this, the administration said “The change is the most optimal way to bring in money as of right now. Yes, everyone won’t agree with it to agree with it. But, everyone will have to if they want to continue to come to school every day.”

Items which is deemed acceptable by the administration include $39.99 hoodies, $47.95 polo shirts, and $47.95 youth hoodies.