Wake Up Woodbridge!

John Molina, Reporter

When the Woodbridge Township School District went back to virtual conditions, the rules were to get to class on time and keep your cameras on while also showing your face.

Students followed the first rule but did not exceed in the second rule. 

Senior, Jakes Boles, says, “I was in my English class, and a sleeping student’s hand slipped and they accidentally turned their camera on.”

The sleeping student, who wants to remain anonymous, said, “The teacher went on a lecture about Shakespeare and I wasn’t having it, so I simply just shut my camera off and went to sleep as everyone else does.”

Since this sleeping epidemic has happened, students have been taking advantage of it and have started social media pages. An Instagram account named “whssnoozed” has been made due to all the sleeping going on around the building.

On the Instagram account, students submit photos of their friends sleeping in class to whoever the anonymous owner of the page is. Then they are posted and exposed to everyone for sleeping in class.

On the matter, Dr. Lottmann mumbled, “Good morning, good morning, uh, we may have to reduce the lunch to ten minutes and the other ten for a sleeping period. Good morning.”

Students will be casting a vote on whether this schedule change should be implemented into the system or not.

Woodbridge High School student Anderson Merino comments on the situation saying, “This is ridiculous, just let me sleep in class and I’ll do the work later.”