Coach Monaco Awarded District Wrestling Coach of the Year


Cesar Samaniego

Barron Head Wrestling Coach Monaco holds his “District Coach of the Year Award”. He accredits the honor to the hard work and dedication of the wrestlers of the team.

Michael Thomas, Editor

For his and his team’s efforts during the previous year, Coach Monaco was awarded the Wrestling Coach of the Year of New Jerseys 19th district.

In an exclusive interview with the Barron Perspective, Coach Monaco shared his thoughts on the honor, the state of the Barron wrestling team, and aspirations for the future.

Barron Perspective: What is your name?

Coach Monaco: Michael Monaco.

BP: Where are you from?

CM: The Avenel section of Woodbridge Township.

BP: If any, what sports were you involved in in your youth? Was wrestling one of them, if so, when did you start? How was this experience?

CM: I played varsity football, wrestling, and baseball at the high school level, and baseball at the NCAA D-II college level. Wrestling was a very humbling sport that taught me much about myself and life.

BP: In college, did you participate in wrestling or any other sports? If so, how did it go?

CM: I played Division II baseball, it was a great experience. I was a two year captain, and loved every second of it.

BP: In college, alongside education, what were other courses you focussed on? Where did you attend college?

CM: History, Bloomfield College.

BP: Once a teacher, did you start at Woodbridge High School? If not, where and when?

CM: I did one year in Carteret before coming to Woodbridge.

BP: How long have you been at WHS?

CM: This is my eighth year.

BP: What do you teach?

CM: Social studies.

BP: Relative to your tenure at WHS, when did you get involved with the wrestling team?

CM: I have been coaching wrestling for ten seasons. This was my fourth at WHS.

BP: Explain how you became the head coach of the wrestling team. For example, were you approached or did you apply, did you start as the head coach or in an assisting role?

CM: I was an assistant at another school, when the Woodbridge job opened up I applied and became head coach here.

BP: Since that point, how has it been to be the head coach of the wrestling team?

CM: It has been a great experience, I have been blessed with many talented wrestlers, and more importantly fantastic student athletes here at WHS.

BP: Describe what the “District 19 Wrestling Coach of the Year” honors.

CM: The District Wrestling Coach of the Year Award is awarded to one coach in each of the thirty districts in the state. So there are a total of thirty programs in NJ that are recognized with the honor.

BP: Describe what the “District 19 Wrestling Coach of the Year” honor means to you. When did you become aware of this honor? How do you feel about it?

CM: It is a great honor. I however, look at it as more of a program honor not an individual one. We have had a consistent and successful team the last four years that has worked very hard and had lots of success. The award is a culmination of their hard work and dedication.

BP: What are your goals for the team going into the future?

CM: To constantly improve as wrestlers and people.