Woodbridge High School Welcomes Mr. Dinicola


Savannah Alamo

Mr Dinicola will teach history at Woodbridge High.

Josh Ruck, Editor

The 2022-2023 school year is Mr. Dinicola’s first full year teaching at Woodbridge High School. Prior to this role, Dinicola taught at The Central Jersey College Prep Charter School for a year and a half.

Every day, he comes excited and ready to teach students about important parts of history, sharing these thoughts and more with the Perspective.

Barron Perspective: Where are you from?

 Mr. Dinicola: I’m from [Carteret].

BP: When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?

MR: When I was younger [I] wanted to play professional baseball [for] the New York Yankees.

BP: Where did you attend school before college? 

MR: I attended school in [Carteret].

BP: What made you want to be a teacher and when did you realize this?

MR: I had worked at child cares and summer camps and loved history growing up. I decided to then put those two together and become a history teacher.

BP: What college did you attend? What was your major? What activities did you enjoy while there and why?

MR: I attended Middlesex County College for my first two years and transferred to Kean University to finish my last [two] years of school. I double majored in History and Secondary Education. I enjoyed hanging out with my classmates and people that I met to further my education. It was nice to be in a community where I could work with like-minded  people. But, my favorite part of going to college was getting the opportunity to take an internship at the Liberty Hall Museum.

BP: What is your previous teaching experience, if any?

MR: Before coming to WHS, I worked at [Central] Jersey College Prep Charter school to begin my teacher career. After a year and a half, [I] took an awesome opportunity at WHS and been here ever since.

BP: What classes are you currently teaching and what will you be teaching next semester?

MR: I’m currently teaching World History II and during the spring semester, [I’ll] be teaching World History II and U.S II.

BP: How was your first year at Woodbridge High School? What do you like about WHS?

MR: My first year at WHS was a very good one. I enjoyed what I was teaching, the students I had, and the co-workers that I was working with. What I like about WHS is being able to do what I love. I love history and teaching people about it. Being as passionate as possible about the topic so that my students can want to look forward to my class on a daily basis.

BR: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities, if so, what and why?

MR: I’m a varsity baseball coach for Timothy Christian. Growing up, I was very passionate about sports and especially baseball. I decided to coach a new generation of players and teach them about the game and to show respect to it. It’s one of my favorite things that I look forward to in the [spring].

BR: How do you plan on making this a good school year?

MR: I plan on trying new things in my lessons and make them as fun as possible for the students to enjoy history.

BR: What are you looking forward to this school year and why?

MR: I’m looking forward to teaching new students about history and getting into dialogue about the important parts about history. When my students are involved on a daily basis, I believe they learn more as they want to learn more and more about a specific topic.

BR: What hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

MR: I enjoy spending time with friends, family, playing sports, cooking, and watching sports.

BP: Anything else?


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