Muslim Club Educates WHS


Melani Torres

This year The Muslim Club hopes to accomplish all their goals and create diversity in WHS.

Melani Torres, Editor

Woodbridge High School welcomes the new Muslim Club founded by Ms. Kimble, Ms. Rasheed, and Ms. Johal with help from senior Besan Abusharia.

The Muslim Club was created to allow Muslim students to have a safe place to be themselves, express themselves, and celebrate Muslim culture at WHS. They also welcome non-Muslim students to learn more about the religion.

Johal voices that their goal is to “involve students in activities to learn and understand more about Muslim culture.” 

According to her, the club “allows students to feel safe to remain faithful to their religion”. While also welcoming non-Muslim students and creating an opportunity to learn about Muslim faith and community.

Abusharia states “There are many misconceptions surrounding Islam and I would love to create more positive perspectives about this religion.” The goal is to give students get the opportunity to participate in Muslim celebrations while being educated on the meaning behind the celebrations. 

The first meeting of the school year was held on October 4th. Future meetings will take place one Tuesday a month until Ramadan. The official meeting dates for November and December are to be determined and will be posted in the Google Classroom. 

To join the club you need to fill out the permission slip, which can be found in the Google Classroom. The code is do7abok. All the meetings will be held in room D15 lasting roughly an hour. If needed there will be late buses for those who attend.

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