Art Services Club Take on Decorating WHS

Art and Services Club begin due to the constant need for art services around the school.


Savannah Alamo

Art Services Club painted this rock with a “W” on it to represent WHS.

Fatima Lara Granados, Reporter

Art Services Club is a club that works on various art projects throughout Woodbridge High School. Students use their artistic talents to improve the appearance of our school by producing art.

In addition, the club does everything from painting hallways with art to painting the school play background or even the stadium or the gym lobby with art.

The constant demand for services including art and creative elements led to the founding of this club.

Additionally, the club gives teachers a method to get Art Services completed without having to seek the art teachers for assistance, which saves time for everyone.

The club’s major goal is to better the school and make the school more visually enjoyable with art. It’s also a way to encourage artistic students to use their talents to improve the school with art and creativity.

The founder of the Art and Services club is Mr. Angatia. He is an art teacher and a track coach at Woodbridge High School. 

Mr. Angatia has always done the Art Services around the school so he then decided to start up the club. He even said, “I always did the stuff anyway so it was a no brainer for me to get involved and I enjoy it tremendously!” 

The club will soon start work on the JROTC hall of fame as well as other forthcoming projects including painting the stadium or the gym lobby and putting a Woodbridge “W” to the cafeteria.

Anyone can join this club even if they are not the best artists. It is a great learning experience for students.

Art and Services Club is available for any students who are willing to help fix and decorate the school. Anyone can visit Mr. Angatia in room 120 if interested in using your artistic skills to better the school.