Modeszto Goes to AGT to Sing Alma Mater

WHS Social Studies teacher Mr. Modeszto performs at AGT after being noticed for singing Alma Mater.


Ery Richardson

Mr. Modeszto becomes the next face of Americas Got Talent.

Camila Nunez-Diaz, Reporter

April 15, 2022 was the date that Mr. Modeszto got his opportunity to further his singing. He is both a professional “singer” and social studies teacher at Woodbridge High School.

During the 2022 school year, a video of Mr. Modeszto had spread around WHS and social media like rapid fire due to him singing the Alma Mater. He sings the alma mater every friday at 7:50 am. Residents of Woodbridge were complementing his blessed gift. 

After three continuous weeks of blowing up on Social Media, Heidi Klum ended up reaching out to Modeszto via email offering him an opportunity to audition.

“Good evening Christopher Modeszto, after watching your viral video and reading all the comments, My team and I would like to offer you the opportunity to audition on America’s Got Talent…” said Klum in an email. After, Modeszto ended up jumping up and down and shouting the words: “I’m going to be on National TV!”

Once it was time for auditions to start, he took a flight to Pasadena, California and toured around the area.  He met up with one of his many vocal coaches in preparation for his audition.

With adrenaline pumping throughout his body, Modeszto was ready to take on this new journey in his life. 

Nonetheless, Modeszto’s performance had the audience blown away. “It’s something like never before, I mean how could you not want to hear that,” said Heidi. The crowd would not stop cheering him on, He felt like a king. 

Modeszto has a fan base called the “Roosevelt Troops”, named after his infinite love for former president Teddy Roosevelt. His fans have created endless amounts of fan pages, compilations of singing, and even blown him up on  TikTok. 

Next episode, it is time to wait and see if Mr. Modeszto will advance to the semi-finals.

“I mean look at what singing the alma mater for fifty years lead him to,” said senior Ery Richardson

By proving loyalty to the dear old red and black, Modeszto believes he will be able to be the face of AGT.