Nagy Gets Lead in Netflix Original Show

Darin Nagy leaves Woodbridge High School to star in Netflix’s Original Show.


Ery Richardson

Mr. Nagy going over the contents of what students learn in sex ed.

Isabella Gomez, Reporter

Mr. Nagy, beloved gym teacher, will be leaving Woodbridge High School to star in season five of Netflix’s original show, Sex Education.

He taught sex education health class passionately and that kept his students thoroughly entertained.

From the first day of health, Mr. Nagy went over male and female anatomy. He used vivid drawings and his spectacular acting skills to keep the class engaged.

One highlight of his performance was him pretending to be a sperm. He simulated traveling through the urethra, out the penis and then into a woman’s uterus.

“Lemonade in the shade,” is one of the iconic lines Nagy says throughout the class, along with other commentaries. 

One student found his health class so amusing he decided that recording it was necessary. Said student filmed Nagy while he was teaching about pregnancy.

During that lesson, Nagy was demonstrating how a baby was born, showing how the baby was attached to an umbilical cord by using the phone cord. In the video, Nagy also drew on the whiteboard how the baby begins to grow within a woman.

The student ended up uploading an edited version of the video to TikTok where it ended up going viral. Netflix found Nagy’s contact information and offered him a role in season five on the spot. 

“I’ll be leaving at the end of this school year since Netflix assured me I wouldn’t need to start filming until the summer,” Nagy said. He told us how Netflix had contacted him and how he could not believe it at first.

He answered a call to see and it was a recruiter from Netflix. They were making sure that he was the Darin Nagy from the video.

He has stated that he is flatted and excited for this new chapter in his life when asked about the video, especially because it is coming with a hefty paycheck. 

When asked about future plans, he’s not sure. He doesn’t know how filming will go, but he plans to return to WHS when shooting is over.

He has signed a non-disclosure agreement so he said he can’t elaborate further on the show. However, he did mention he already signed a contract for a year.

Nagy leaving has left students feeling sad. However, they are also excited to watch their favorite gym teacher on their laptops and phones instead of in front of a classroom.