Hockey Players Think They’re Famous

Hockey players think they’re famous after entering school with suits and sunglasses.


Tiffany Wright

Hockey Players spotted at the Met Gala in their streak of arrogance.

Tiffany Wright, Reporter

Woodbridge High School hockey team shocked all on March 30th when they did the unexpected. Various claims, were placed at the scene at 7:30 A.M. 

Player Jack Bromm claimed “We play the better sport and are better” after he and his team walked into the A-wing at 7:30 A.M. wearing suits and sunglasses.

A claim made by junior Kevin Modesto was “I saw the little kid coming with his teammates wearing suits and sunglasses. He said something after walking into the nurse’s office and walked out with a step stool. After that he set it down in front of this really tall kid, got on top of the stool and slapped him.”

Modesto then added, “I honestly thought it was crazy because of how short that kid was.”.

After questioning the victim he claimed he didn’t do anything wrong and that “all I did was laugh.” The victim was in fact a 6’2 Senior “according to him”. 

When interviewed, Camilla Nunez-Diaz, senior, viewed the incident very differently. According to Diaz, Broom and their teammates asked her to “take a pic” after Bromm asked for one of his own. 

Camilla Nunez-Diaz added how the hockey team started chanting “Woody on me woody on three. One, two, three WOODY,” repeatedly.

A-wing cameras were soon viewed and they revealed that yes all claims that were made are in fact true. 

Student Jack Bromm was quickly escorted to the principal’s office after said incident and received a two-day suspension. The victim himself was also in the office and told Bromm “…shouldn’t have done that ‘lil bruh’”. 

The rest of the hockey team and the victim got detention after school for “instigating” situations and starting “problems”.

After friend of the hockey team, Anthony Felice, face-timed them, they still believed that they were the best and “…we do not regret a single thing we did because it’s what they deserve”. Following this, it was said they quickly hung up the face-time call.