Woodbridge’s New Apartments


Kathy Chang

The Woodbridge High School Football field has apartments built on top of it.

Jack Brenner, Editor

Per order of Woodbridge’s Mayor McCormac the installation of more apartments in Woodbridge was a necessity. McCormac said “my goal is to expand Woodbridge at any expense.”

With the new apartment additions coaches and students are out of fields to play and practice on. McCormac said the bringing more people in to Woodbridge is the necessity. Teams of Woodbridge High will have to make due and practice somewhere else.

All American pitcher Josh Ruck who plays on the Woodbridge High School Varsity Baseball team said the situation is “very frustrating.” Ruck said ,”…you know the situation as a whole is out of control and unfair to the athletes of Woodbridge.”

“Not only does this affect current high school students but also all the future athletes of Woodbridge,” said Ruck.

Woodbridge baseball alum Luke Vazquez said “…it’s upsetting because it’s the field we would all play on since we were young. Whether it be just for fun or with a real team that’s the field I’ll always remember and it’s a shame other kids can’t experience what I did.”

Woodbridge High School Football and Basketball Alum Coach Anthony Nyers said, “…the apartments on our field are a setback. But in the long run we’ll be alright the football team is going to work harder than ever and have a great season.”

Rising Sophomore Brandon Bradsheer has transferred to Perth Amboy High School “…hard to practice football without a football field.”

Star basketball player Jacob “Cub” Oatman said, “… it don’t affect me.” When asked for further questioning, Oatman walked away.

The protest at the construction site of the apartments by parents and students is stretched through the school’s property. But McCormac said, “…there is no stoppage and everyone should return home.”

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