Pomptonian Harasses all of WHS

Pomptonian follows everyone on Instagram


Kadence Mastrola

Pomptonian follows Woodbridge Township’s students, hoping for a follow back.

Kadence Mastrola, Reporter

Pomptonian, which is Woodbridge Township’s main food supplier, is begging students and teachers to follow them on Instagram for a reward. 

“We recently created an Instagram account, but noticed it wasn’t getting any followers, at all.” Margaret Fuller, one of Woodbridge High School’s lunch ladies, said. She further explained how followers are essential for the Pomptonian workplace and can give many benefits to all that follow the account. 

Pomptonian’s account would supply Woodbridge’s students with information about the food they are giving the township, and all of the menus.

Fuller said, “…we would really appreciate the followers, and whoever follows Pomptonian, will get a free cookie, if you tell a friend you get a free Mountain Dew energy drink, and if they follow, you’ll both get free meals for a week!” 

The Pomptonian employees are very passionate about gaining followers. Some are starting to believe there is a catch to all of this begging for followers. Students aren’t thrilled with the reward for following.

Junior Francesca Ryann said, “Maybe if the food was better, it’s just overpriced school food, nothing special. It’s a form of harrassment if you ask me.” 

Woodbridge High School’s staff and students are well aware that Pomptonian won’t stop until they gain the followers they are begging for. Is the follow back really necessary for some free cafeteria food?