Track Team Barbified


Ery Richardson

Coach A and part of the track team saluting Nicki Minaj.

Anthony Felice, Reporter

It’s not uncommon for coaches to have high expectations for their team’s performance and dedication to the sport. However, Coach A has taken a unique approach to motivating his team.

By incorporating the music and lyrics of rapper Nicki Minaj into their training regimen, he aims to better the team.

According to team members, Coach A began incorporating Nicki Minaj’s music into their warm-up routines, using her songs to pump up the team before meets and practices.

He also began using her lyrics as inspiration for team mantras and slogans.

Encouraging the team to adopt the same strong and confident attitude that Nicki Minaj exudes in her music.

Some team members have reported feeling more motivated and energized during practices and meets, thanks to the coach’s unorthodox approach.

One of the captains, Samuel Tuju, said, “never really listened to Nicki Minaj before, now the queen’s music gets me hyped up for meets. I’m now addicted to Nicki. I’ll never recover she slays.”

However, not everyone is on board with coach’s new approach.

Some parents and community members have expressed concern about Coach A’s choice of music, stating that Nicki Minaj’s lyrics may be inappropriate for young student-athletes.

Despite the controversy, coach Angatia stands by his decision to incorporate Nicki Minaj’s music into the team’s training.

He stated, “I believe that Nicki’s music has the power to inspire and motivate people. I want to give my team every advantage possible.

Nicki Minaj’s music has helped us build a strong team culture. I believe it has played a role in our recent success.”

The music has in fact been helping because boys and girls won white division for Middlesex County Indoor Relays for the 2023 year. 

As a whole, her music has risen the team to new heights.

Nicki Minaj is the savior of the WHS Track Team.