Damar Hamlin Tragedy and Recovery

Damar Hamlin Collapses on Field after taking hit to the chest. Shocks the whole NFL fanbase


Damar Hamlin

A look into how well Damar Hamlin has recovered in the hospital. 

Jack Bromm and Tiffany Wright

Damar Hamlin gave all of the NFL fan bases a scare on Monday night football. As he collapsed on the field after a tackle on Bengals star receiver Tee Higgins.

Damar Hamlin, an American football player born on March 24, 1998 in Mckees Rocks, PA. He stands at a height of 6 ‘0. 

Hamlin began his football career in high school and then proceeded to college football at the University of Pittsburgh. Where he also obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication. 

Damar Hamlin spent most of his rookie season as a backup for the Bills before getting the call-up to a starting role in the Buffalo Bills defense in 2022. His first season as a starter was going well but looks to have ended with a traumatic event to everyone around the world.

On Jan. 2nd, 2023, Hamlin made what seemed to be a routine tackle on Bengals star receiver Tee Higgins. After standing up he then collapsed back to the turf. He soon entered cardiac arrest in between the Bills and Bengals game. 

Players and fans were soon to realize that something was seriously wrong. Hamlin’s heart had stopped, an ambulance was soon to come onto the field and medics began CPR on Hamlin. He lay there unconscious for the next ten minutes before getting put on a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Everyone could tell the huge emotions by everyone in this moment. players started to cry seeing one of their teammates or opponents lifelessly on the ground. The players went back to the locker room, and fans were leaving the stands.

Many say he suffered commotio cordis, when there is a sudden blunt impact to one’s chest. Doctors diagnosed Hamlin with endocarditis, a life-threatening inflammation of one’s heart. 

On Jan 6th Damar Hamlin had shown much improvement over a day but is still critically unwell. Hamlin was reportedly on a ventilator according to his medical team. Hamlin was well enough to the point where he could hold hands with family members and write messages and speak.

Jamie Nadler, a physician who had led the health care for Hamlin at Buffalo Hospital said “We have completed a series of tests and evaluations”. Wednesday January 11th,  Damar Hamlin was released from the hospital to continue to rehabilitate at the comfort of his home. 

When Hamlin was able to speak he asked one of the nurses by him who won the game she responded “You won Damar, you won the game of life.” Damar Hamlin continues his remarkable recovery with the help of his parents and younger sibling by his side.