Oscars Nominations Announced

Oscars Nominations were announced Tuesday morning, revealing nominees for Best Motion Picture, Actor in a Leading Role, and many more.


CBS News

A crowd eagerly looking towards the stage where the 95th Oscars Nominations will be presented on a screen.

The 95th Oscars Nominations host, Allison Williams and Riz Ahmed, announced the nominees at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Among the many anticipated nominations, the best motion picture is one that most watchers of the Oscars tune in for.

This year, there is a variety in the Academy’s picks for best motion picture, but most focus on one attribute: Emotional connection.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

A film that was praised especially for its depiction of emotional vulnerability: Daniel Kwan & Daniel Schienert’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Distributed by A24, a film distribution and production studio loved by film critics and casual movie watchers alike, it was no surprise that “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was nominated a total of 11 times.

Despite being in the industry for 39 years, Michelle Yeoh, the leading actress of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” is a first-time Oscars nominee. Yeoh’s co-star Stephanie Hsu recalled her experience with Yeoh: “I just feel so lucky and grateful that I get to be alongside her.”

Stephanie Hsu received a nomination for best supporting actress

All Quiet on the Western Front

Another nominee for best motion picture is All Quiet on the Western Front, depicting the emotional, grim circumstances of war. The historical fiction screenplay follows Paul Bäumer and depicts his navigation through hard times in war.

Although historical war movies are not short in supply, Edward Berger created an authentic wartime story, unlike its predecessors. Berger tackles unique war veteran sentiments, such as the inability to tell how much time has passed, regardless of how many clocks appear in the film.

The film has an artistic angle on the horrors of war, deciding not to depict gore as its storyteller, but rather the emotions of Bäumer. All Quiet on the Western Front had a total of 8 nominations, despite not receiving one for Felix Kammerer’s performance as Paul Bäumer.