Lunch Decreases to 10 Minutes

Woodbridge High School students are angered by the cutback of lunchtime and have created a petition to bring back twenty-five-minute lunches.


Gabriella Rodriguez

Students were protesting this week against the recent lunchtime change outside Woodbridge Highschool. Chating, “We want ten-minute lunches.”

Gabriella Rodriguez, Reporter

Last week, the Woodbridge Township Board of Education decided to decrease the Woodbridge High School lunch period to ten minutes to reduce student hall roaming for all lunch periods. 

Ten-minute-long lunches will begin next week due to the lunch ladies receiving training to learn how to serve the students even faster than before. The building principal, Dr. Lottman, said, “Students must adjust to the recent change. I know it sucks, but what can I do?”

Regarding this change, the school store will close to limit the amount of student hall roaming. Students are only permitted to leave their respective lunch rooms to use the bathroom in the A-wing during lunch.

The recent deduction of fifteen minutes for all lunch periods has generated immense uproar amongst the students at Woodbridge High School. One junior attending WHS said regarding the new lunchtime, “This sucks.”

Haley Carlson, a sophomore at WHS, says she feels strongly against the recent time change. She included that she feels as if the students won’t have time to eat or even rest. Carlson also said, “…the sandwich line is longer than the actual lunchtime now.”

Many teachers as well feel deprived of their time to eat lunch. Mr. Hartenstein, a history teacher at WHS, said, “I take 10 minutes to get to my car and eat lunch. Now I’m probably going to starve, honestly.”

The cutback of lunchtime dismays students, as well as their parents. Many parents stated high school students no longer have time to rest between classes. One parent said, “My son can’t even catch a breath. He doesn’t even have time to pee anymore.”

In an effort to combat this change, Woodbridge High School students have created an online petition to bring back twenty-five-minute lunches. Currently, 247 students and 21 faculty members have signed it.

The link for the petition can be found here: https://studentpetiton.nj/sign//

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