Girls Basketball Score Big



The Woodbirdge Barrons Girls Basketball team huddle during a timeout.

Jacob Oatman, Editor

The girl’s basketball team is approaching the end of the season with a 8-7 record. There next game is today (1-24) at home against North Plainfield.

Coach Timinski has preached the message of “competing everyday and play together to do whatever it takes for Woodbridge to win.” His goal for the season is “to get better and play hard.”

He says the most important thing is believing in one another. The players need to know that you care about them, that you believe in them. Of course everyone needs to be prepared and in shape to compete. That usually starts in the summer long before the season starts.”

Julianne Reyes the caption of the basketball team said her “favorite thing is the competition” and her favorite memory of the season is the win at North Plainfield because the energy the team had on and off the court.”

She says, “…the bond this year is amazing, all three levels bond well together. That leads to better trust between the team.”

Coach added that he wanted to “thank the girls on our team for working to hard in the summer and every day in practice. They are a terrific group of hard working, unselfish kids who are a pleasure to coach. They are also all outstanding kids and terrific students.”

The Barrons run a balanced offense with four different players already scored 100 points halfway through the season led by Aviva Palms with 186 points.

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