Janitors Strike

Due to the lack luster treatment of the school from students, janitors have gone on strike.

Fatima Lara Granados, Reporter

Woodbridge High School janitors are going on a strike due to overwhelming circumstances that have happened in WHS. The janitors have had enough of “this sickening school and its students”.

Mr. Bob and Mr. Lab, the night janitors, went on strike at Woodbridge High School because they are sick and tired of cleaning up all the dirty messes WHS students make.

Examples include the vomit they clean up due to students drinking Dunkin early in the morning and then running the pacer that same morning.

They have cleaned up vomit every day of this month.

Due to the daily pointless food fights, they also grew tired of cleaning up all the food in the cafeteria.

Cleaning takes all night and morning, but WHS is still overrun with cockroaches and other strange critters.

Mr. Bob and Mr. Lab spend all their time cleaning up the school just for all WHS students to keep trashing it.

Mr. Bob stated, “I see cockroaches everywhere! One even crawled up on me while I was changing up the garbage cans!”

Mr. Lab also stated, “I saw cockroaches huddling up at some lockers and when I opened the lockers, it was a cockroach invasion! They were all surrounding some old muffins some students left!”

This school year has had students grow even messier than last year. Students here leave all their trash everywhere with no regard to any janitors.

The amount of garbage and trash they clean up on a daily basis is beyond belief.

Due to the mess, Mr. Bob and Mr. Lab decided to strike to show how serious they are.

They also warned every janitor in New Jersey and surrounding areas about WHS and how messy the students are.

Mr. Bob and Mr. Lab are serious about showing WHS students who are in charge.