New Step Team takes Steps to Success

WHS welcomes a Step Team which is a club that planning on growing into an official team.



WHS Barron Steppers make a post announcing their next team meeting.

Ery Richardson and Camila Nunez-Diaz

Woodbridge High School’s Black Student Union has taken their club a step ahead and created a Step Team. The club is currently being run by advisor Ms. Cruz and BSU’s President Lauren Carter. 

During the previous school year, the club was created and was starting to gather people to build their foundation.

After an interview with Ms. Cruz, answers were given as to why the club was created and their goals that are set to be met.

The Step Team has received a lot of interest from students and current members of the Black Student Union. Events like performances at basketball games, school pep rallies, and during black history month in February are hoping to happen. 

Ms. Cruz mentioned that she had prior experience and is a little bit familiar with step since she did do “boosters”, which is similar to step in her years of high school.

Cruz heard that step was big at WHS before. Since family members of prior members of that team are now at the high school, Ms.Cruz wanted to revive the gap of what was then and what is now. 

Members of the club have been practicing throughout the fall semester and are still hosting practices. “We practice whenever possible since there are no specific planned days for meetings.” Carter expressed.

Since the club is still new, they are now starting to build their group together and beginning to expand further. They are hoping to work their way up into bigger opportunities and get much more involvement later on.

Currently, the step team hasn’t been declared as an official team yet. While its still a club, all members are working towards advocating for participation, getting the word out that the step team is now back, and making plans for the future of the club.