Bathroom Monitors “Prank” Students

Mr. Modeszto trying to not get caught pranking the students of Woodbridge High School.

Umar Chohan

Mr. Modeszto trying to not get caught pranking the students of Woodbridge High School.

Umar Chohan, Reporter

People have vandalized the school bathroom and broken rules in them for years, now, bathroom monitors responded by pranking those who come into the bathroom.

Students are the primary target for these pranks as one of the bathroom monitors said in an interview, “…we mostly target freshmen and sophomores as they give the best reactions.”

It’s unknown as to why they’re responding like this but a bathroom monitor who chose to stay anonymous said, “If they can prank so can we, we’re just having fun.” Although it seemed harmless, they took it a step further by locking the stalls and so students couldn’t use them.

Freshmen were outraged and decided to peacefully protest by making a large line in front of the bathrooms and not going back to their classrooms until the principal listened to them. Bathroom monitors responded to these protests by saying, “Vandalizing has decreased ever since we started this prank.”

Some students were so desperate to go to the bathroom that they even started “letting loose” on the bathroom floors. Others even did it in class to prove how bad these, “pranks” are. Even after all of this, nothing was taken seriously. No action was taken until weeks after as many teachers began to take the sides of the bathroom monitors.

One teacher said, “Why is it considered ‘traumatic’ when the teachers joke? Students have ‘joked’ and pranked us for years.” Another teacher said, “This is helpful and good as it will teach them a lesson, and vandalizing will decrease.”

Fortunately for students, some teachers sided with the students. These teachers responded by unlocking the stalls and preventing the pranks. Some went a step further by sitting outside of the bathroom with their students. After lots of complaints and disturbances, the bathroom monitors involved were all fired.