Betting on Football Leaves Student Broke

A WHS junior bet big only to go broke betting on Barrons football.

Jacob Oatman, Editor

Junior Joshua Ruck has lost one thousand dollars after betting against the school’s football team thinking they wouldn’t cover the 7-point spread.

Jack Brenner, who plays wide receiver, caught a 60-yard touchdown as time expired. If he had dropped it the Barrons would have covered.

Woodbridge ended up beating Perth Amboy 42-28 after the late touchdown.

Students were shocked to hear about this, “I can’t believe someone is stupid enough to bet on high school football.”

Another student said, “…how dumb is he to do that, everyone knew we were gonna blow them out.”

Josh’s friends weren’t shocked to hear this; “he will bet on anything to try to make money.” “He never wins any of the bets he makes.”

After the game Jack Brenner said “im happy i caught that pass so josh lost his bet, id rather coach Nyers win his bet then josh. Maybe now he will stop betting for good.

Coach Nyers, who took Josh’s bet, said, “…it was the easiest bet I ever made, I knew we were going to win this game by double digits. I didn’t think he was serious when he offered to put 1k on it.”

To try to earn his money back Josh has started to run the Barron Perspective club after school with Mr. O’Halloran.

After hearing about this, Doctor Lottmann banned betting on all future sports games. He said “it’s wrong for kids to bet and for students to bet on the school’s teams.”