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Student Written, Student Produced

The Barron Perspective

Student Written, Student Produced

The Barron Perspective

Hunger Games Held to Determine Valedictorian

Students Julien Catalon and Alex Luu will be competing in a Hunger Games to determine who will be the valedictorian.

Students Julien Catalon and Alex Luu have been competing to determine who will be valedictorian. It has been decided that a Hunger Games will be held.

WHS Principal Mr. Osborne facilitated the function, using Cafeteria 129 as the arena. There were several arm choices for Catalon and Luu. From bows and arrows to swords, the duo had several options.

The duo have chosen their sponsors; Jeffery Leon for Catalon and Pauline Mon for Luu. The two offered to fund their needs and send them gifts through the battle. 

At 9:30 AM, the two tributes prepared themselves for the tough battle. The past three months of training have all come down to this.

Luu states that he’s been working hard for this moment. “I’ve been ready for this since freshman year, nothing will stop me from being the final victor!”.

He also urged viewers to support his GoFundMe @aalexthevictor to support his victory. 

Catalon on the other hand seemed to be taking a more sneaky approach. Announcing to viewers, “I won’t tell you what I have up my sleeve… but just you wait and see”

Following this, he giggled off into the distance. 

The Battle

As the battle began, the two were allowed to grab any two weapons. When the sirens went off, Catalon reached into his sleeve and threw itching powder at Luu. 

Viewers were on the edge of their seats to see what would happen next. Many questioned if this was even within the rules.

Mon was praying that Luu would get up. To the audience’s surprise, he got up swinging with his eyes closed screaming he wouldn’t give up. Tackling Catalon, they ended up in a brawl as Luu pulled out pepper spray to get back at Catalon. 

Sadly, this is where the administrators Mr. Mosko and Osborne realized this had gone too far. They had student security Kevin Modeszto and Alexa Hernandez pulling them off of each other. 

When they regained their vision, both Luu and Catalon stated they did not regret either of their attempts to blind each other. 

“I don’t think this went the way we expected, I don’t know what to do” stated Mosko. As a result, the administration cast a vote that they would use students’ grades to determine the valedictorian. 

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