(The 334 Club) On This Day – January 22nd

Michael Thomas, Editor

On this day, January the 22nd, in the year of 1987, the 334 Club, a “club” consisting of 334 people was founded when they attended a New Jersey Devils game during the midst of a blizzard.

 As the scheduled start of the matchup between the New Jersey Devils and the Calgary Flames in East Rutherford, New Jersey, neared, blizzard conditions were already in place across the Tri-state area. In this state, many spectators decided to stay home or for those who risked getting to the arena, get stuck on the roads.

These troubles were also faced by the Devils players, with defensemen Ken Daneyko saying it took five hours to drive just over twenty miles. Daneyko stated that during the final two miles, he had to drive in reverse on the wrong side of the road.

After a delay of over 100 minutes, the game began with a National Hockey League record low attendance of 334 people. To keep a record of these few, the Devils passed around a paper around the arena to get the names and addresses to those in attendance, with over those years these spectators receiving special “The 334 Club” merchandise and going down in history.

New Jersey won the game seven to five against the Flames (NHL) (nj.com).

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