The Return of Chartwells


Diya Vaid

English teacher at Woodbridge High School (WHS), Mr. Lynch, holds a sign that says, “I love Chartwells!” Mr. Lynch was excited for the return of Chartwells.

Diya Vaid, Reporter

The former lunch food provider of Woodbridge High School, Chartwells, will be returning to WHS at the beginning of April, to the dismay of students.

At the beginning of the 2021 school year, students at WHS reported that the lunches provided by the Chartwells company had mold on them and were not properly cooked, but teachers did not find that true.

“My food was disgusting the first day I had it! It had mold on it and I definitely do not miss the food, at all,” said Amelia Laben, a junior at WHS. 

Teachers at WHS said that the students were just going to be kids and that it was in their nature to fool around. They believe that the superintendent should not take the students seriously. Consequently, the district concluded that Chartwells will return at the start of April 2022. 

An English teacher at WHS, Mr. Lynch, said, “Students like to fool around sometimes because they’re just kids, but the Chartwells food company had great food! I miss it, but I’m so glad they are returning.” 

Knowing that Chartwells will now be returning and the current food provider, Pomptanian, will be leaving, the majority of the teachers at WHS are excited, but the students are not. 

Mr. Switek, another English teacher at WHS, believes that Chartwells had no reason to leave in the first place. He said, “Chartwells was a great food provider and there was no reason for them to leave… I miss their food a lot.” 

Taking the teachers’ opinions to heart, students have started to protest outside of the main office at WHS, with the hope that Dr. Lottman could stop the superintendent from hiring Chartwells again.

Ms. Clarke, an Anatomy teacher at WHS, was very upset about this incident. She decided to speak up and said, “The Chartwells food company provided finger-licking, good food! Although my students did complain that the food was not cooked properly, I knew that they were probably joking around. I am just so glad they are returning!”

As the students did everything in their power to stop Chartwells from returning, a lot of the teachers at WHS were enjoying the return of Chartwells and could not wait until they had the food provided by the company.