Mr. Zima Yells at Cloud

Art teacher Mr. Zima was caught yelling at a cloud by gym teachers Coach Calhoun and Coach Clarke.


Kevin Modeszto

A photograph of WHS teacher Mr. Zima yelling at a cloud.

Kevin Modeszto, Reporter

When taking a group of kids outside for gym on a moderately warm day, Coach Calhoun and Coach Clarke found art teacher Mr. Zima yelling at a cloud.

Around 10:20 A.M, the two coaches were walking the kids out for another rousing day of walking the field. However, this day was especially rousing. 

It was a cloudy day, and Coach Calhoun noticed what seemed to be an elderly man on a walk. He didn’t question it until he began to hear the old man yelling.

“It was a confusing sight,” said Coach Calhoun, “…Clarksy and I almost had to bring the kids back inside and force them to play basketball. At first, I thought I would have to call the police, but then I realized it was only Mr. Zima.”

Calhoun asked Mr. Zima what was happening when Zima explained that he had no idea how he got there. He said that he was yelling at a student in his classroom. 

The Aftermath

Once everything was cleared up, the coaches continued walking the kids to the field. Despite thinking they were all looking at their phones, some of them did notice the scene. 

“I was disturbed,” said senior Ashlee Laktovich, “…I was walking with my friend at the time when my teacher came to a stop. I looked and saw that an old man was yelling at a cloud. After a minute, we kept going towards the track. I will be internalizing it, just like I do with everything else at this school.”

Sophomore Jackie Berger said, “I was on my phone at the time. When I saw the sexagenarian yelling at the sky, I was incredibly confused and alarmed for the man’s wellbeing, but I prioritized recording it for Instagram.”

Since this event, Mr. Zima has gone back to a relatively normal teaching life. He still has moments, such as accidentally going to Colonia one day thinking he taught there, but all in all his life is uneventful as he counts down the years until retirement.