Modeszto Claims to see Teddy R. at Wawa


Melani Torres

Mr. Modeszto and Teddy Roosevelt become best friends and have a bonding experience.

Melani Torres, Editor

Modeszto was found in Wawa he claims to see Teddy Roosevelt looking for a grilled cheese sandwich. He then found Roosevelt at the checkout, then becoming best friends with the legend himself.

Although it was an ordinary Friday night when Mr. Modeszto, a history teacher at Woodbridge High School saw his favorite historical figure, Teddy.

He has a love for Teddy Roosevelt. He states “I’ve visited his house and made various trips to his grave. To pay respects and just talk to my old friend.”

His love for Teddy started when he was just a young boy and saw him on television and saw all the great things he had done. 

He’s stated he dedicates his favorite snack (grilled mac and cheese) to Teddy because he knows he loved it so much.

The sighting occurred on January 27, 2023, at 3:34 A.M. At home and got a sudden craving for a savory snack. He decided to go to Wawa for a grilled cheese stating that it was his favorite snack. 

He got in his car and drove to Wawa when he arrived he walked in and went straight for the grilled cheeses. It was like any other typical day at Wawa. He states “I enjoy coming here it is my safe space”. 

He went to the check out and “that is where the magic all started” he remarked. Teddy was checking out and buying a honey bun. He was wearing a white cloak.

Modeszto went up to speak to him. As he did Teddy told him “I have heard about you and greatly appreciate the love and support.” 

Modeszto couldn’t believe his eyes and thanked Teddy for everything he had done for him.

Recently the staff and students have heard about the recent sighting and they have a lot to say. Student Johnny Adams a student at WHS doesn’t believe the encounter stating “Teddy died in 1919 what is going on”.

Modeszto clapped back with the quote “legend’s never die.”