College Acceptance


Melani Torres and Savannah Almo

Woodbridge High School has this year thus far has seen many successful college acceptances. In part, many changes to the requirements needed to apply to colleges had helped.

SAT and ACT have had a big impact on students at WHS. According to Ms. Rich, a guidance counselor at Woodbridge High School, she believes that it benefits students who do not excel in standardized testing but with a higher GPA. 

This is because she believes, “…it is more beneficial to students if the school requires a certain score. And they don’t meet it but their GPA meets it. They will have a higher chance of getting in.”

However, for students with lower GPAs, it would benefit more to take the SAT and ACT and use them in applications. Showing what they know to schools and putting students in a better position. 

She also suggests some things to help relieve the stress of the college application system. One is if there are any questions or concerns regarding the college application process students might have to go to guidance more often and ask questions. 

Secondly, she states “taking it one step at a time, focusing on one school at a time, answering questions and applications– as long as you pace yourself the deadline will give you plenty of time”. 

Something that is recommended by Ms. Rich to help stand out to colleges is getting involved. She shares that “everyone is doing similar things. If you are interested in nursing you should volunteer at your local hospital”. Show that you are passionate about the things you do and what you would like to major in. That will lead to being able to stand out from other students.

With her admission to John Hopkins University, senior Katherine Aina thought that a variety of factors contributed to her success.

A key piece of advice given by Katherine that helped her succeed is to have some degree of “self-accountability”. Also  being “open to receiving productive advice from others.”

Senior Catlin Mcnish, with her acceptance to Carnegie Mellon, felt that her school of choice strongly recognized her with her volunteer experience with the Barron Arts Center and the Gallery on Main here in Woodbridge.

With help, Catlin was able to take on an initiative of her own spotlight and found a Student Spotlight category within the gallery, this gave her the chance to exemplify her “love for art”.

Also, both students feel it was their involvement in the various leadership positions in my various clubs and groups.

Throughout the year college acceptances have been a huge part of the accomplishments at WHS. With the guidelines changing for college acceptance guidance will continue to help provide support to students.