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Melani Torres Named Managing Editor

Torres is one of six Managing Editors for The Barron Perspective’s 2023-2024 school year.
Michael Thomas
Melani Torres, new Managing Editor for The Barron Perspective
Barron Perspective reporter Santiago Fontaina interviews Melani Torres. (Savannah Alamo)

Melani Torres has been associated with The Barron Perspective since her sophomore year. She is currently a senior and has been a part of it for three years. In those three years, she has consistently been promoted to where she is finally Managing Editor. 

She is a huge factor, and the whole features section depends on her. 

When asked about ups and downs she replied “Yes, there has. We’ve struggled to gain badges, and increase engagement.” She also assured me that there have been many ups and plenty more ups than downs.

I then asked what her favorite thing has been and she said “doing satirical articles.” She finds them humorous and enjoys writing them. Her least favorite thing is “meeting deadlines and interviewing people because she isn’t as social.” 

Melani was a Reporter for one year, then she got promoted to Editor, and now she has been promoted to Managing Editor, which is the highest position Barron Perspective offers. Being a Manager Editor, Melani has to edit people’s articles, write her own, publish people’s articles, and take the lead of the features section as a whole.

 When asked if she ever gets frustrated doing so, she said, “No, the only time I have been a little upset is when people don’t complete their work, but never frustrated. I love it.” She also loves the fact that she was promoted to managing editor because it has given her many more opportunities. 

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Santiago Fontaina, Reporter
Santiago Fontaina is a senior at Woodbridge High School. He is a Staff Writer for the features section in the WHS newspaper. He is 17, and he likes to watch sports, and listen to music. He attended Matthew Jago Elementary School, and Avenel Middle School growing up and now attends Woodbridge High School. He was born and raised in New Jersey, and attended Woodbridge schooling his whole life. He loves fashion, and loves to go thrifting.
Michael Thomas, Editor-in-Chief
Michael Thomas is a senior in his final year at Woodbridge High School and the Barron Perspective. In his third year with the Perspective, as the editor-in-chief, Thomas will broaden the scope of his roles into broadcasting with the co-hosting of a podcast, alongside his editorial duties. Outside of the course, Thomas is a member of the Barrons' Cross Country, Winter, and Spring Track teams alongside the Perspective’s club. And when his course is over, Thomas hopes that his legacy with the paper will be felt for classes to come.

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