Liberty Bagel Review

Meaghan Motz , Reporter

My personal experience at Liberty Bagel Cafe in Fords, New Jersey was phenomenal. However, when I had first arrived I noticed that the parking lot was very small in size, and there was no available parking, luckily there were many available street parking options.

From the parking that I had found on the side street, it was a short walk to the cafe. There was an extensive line as soon as I walked in the door, so at first, I was worried I would be in there for a while, but that was not the case. I approached the counter quickly, and the staff took my order.

I only waited for about five minutes until my spot in line reached the cashier. I ordered a plain bagel with butter, and my order total came out to about $1.50. After I paid, I only waited nearly two minutes until I got my food. I was very impressed with the Liberty Bagel Cafe staff. All of the staff members were extremely friendly and kept a smile on their faces throughout the entire time.

The service at Liberty Bagel was outstanding. When I first arrived, the cafe was extremely crowded, and considering the number of people that were there, my bagel came out surprisingly quick. The kindness and efficiency of the staff had me in awe. The staff quality was amazing, but the quality of the food was even better. The bagel I had ordered came out perfect. It was the best bagel I’ve ever had. I was extraordinarily impressed with the outcome of my order.

I would definitely recommend Liberty Bagel Cafe to everyone who lives in Woodbridge Township. I have never been so impressed with a breakfast cafe/deli in my entire life. If you like breakfast sandwiches, bagels, hot entrees, deli items, or need catering for an event, Liberty Bagel Cafe in Fords, New Jersey is the place to go.