Lunch Lady Has Breakdown

Panini press breakdown triggers similar response from lunch lady.

Lunch Lady

The panini press a few minutes after the mentioned incident.

Jack Bromm, Reporter

A lunch lady at the Woodbridge High School collapsed yesterday after the realization that the ever-popular panini press which students love broke during B lunch period.

This year’s lunch ladies have been bombarded with extensive lunch lines. They usually have everything under control, until recently, when tragedy struck in the cafe.

The lunch lady pushed out sandwich orders at her fastest capacity, as the line grew longer. She recalled beginning to feel light-headed as the combination of stress and the hot steam coming from the tray of macaroni and cheese, was starting to get to her.

To speed things up, the lunch lady decided to attempt to make two sandwiches at once.

The lunch lady threw together two sandwiches and quickly placed both on the panini press. She turned away to tend to another sandwich order, but it was not long before a student yelled, “Oh no,” signaling to the machine. The lunch lady hastily turned to see a smoking, sizzling panini press. 

The sight of the smoking machine had caught her off guard and she remembers not knowing what to do at that moment.

Students recall seeing her fall to her knees in an uproar of tears. The collapse was followed by a loud sound as some say she hit her head while falling.

The Post-Press Predicament

As a result of such a traumatic experience, the lunch lady refused to service a single student for the remaining lunches. It is reported that she cried in a corner until all four lunches concluded.

Now she is taking legal action, suing Pomptionian, the school’s lunch provider and her former employer, for emotional duress.

“I have been struggling with PTSD since the incident,” she said.

The lunch lady refuses to return to Woodbridge High School, and lines have reached a remarkably new high.