Cotillion Moved To Cafeteria

Due to budgetary troubles, the cotillion had been moved to the WHS cafe.

Haley Carlson, Reporter

This year’s Junior Cotillion will be held at Woodbridge High School in Cafeteria 125 instead of the Delta Hotel in Iselin as in past years.

After a very eventful few years, the chaos continues as news of the location of the Junior Cotillion changes.

This change happened due to budget cuts, and lack of fundraising for this year. 

Ms.Kuzemski, a Cotillion advisor said, “We are saddened to announce that this years’ Junior Cotillion will no longer be held at the Delta Hotel as it has in years past. Instead, it will be held in Cafe’ 125 located in Woodbridge High School.”

Result of Announcement

Across the school, juniors are outraged by the last-minute change. 

Kiara Guadalupe, a junior, said “…it’s upsetting because this is something I have been looking forward to all of high school. Watching people break dance in the cafeteria just won’t be the same.”

Additionally, the original caterer is no longer able to provide the food bearing the location change.

“Our cater this year will be Pomptonian out of convenience for our lunch ladies. However, sandwiches will not be available due to the panini press being broken,” said Ms.Kuziemski. 

More orders will be made to ensure enough food is available for all of the attendees. 

The issues with the panini press most likely will not be resolved by May 18th, bearing the recent incident.

Despite these changes, “The Junior Cotillion Committee is working hard to achieve a fun environment no matter where it is held,” said Ms.Kuziemski.

Along with the provided food, snacks will be available to purchase via vending machines per usual.

Brooke Updale, a Cotillion committee member said, “It’s definitely going to be a challenge to live up to expectations but I’m still excited to see everyone dressed up in the hallways.”

The Junior Cotillion is still set to take play on Thursday, May 18, 2022.