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20,000 Marchers Honor Vets in NYC Parade

The perspective of a marcher in the largest Veterans Day Parade in the US.
Jacqueline Betancurt-Ortiz
The Civil Air Patrol marching down NYC with around 200 cadets.

According to CBS New York, 20,000 marchers walked down 26th Street to 47th Street, all there to honor the veterans who served our country. Many organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, representation from all US service branches, Civil Air Patrol, (which will go into more detail,) and many more. 


I myself was with the Civil Air Patrol, having a total amount of around 200 cadets showing up and marching, which was one of our largest turnouts ever. Cadets from the New Jersey Wing, Maine Wing, and New York Wing all came together to represent their squadrons, states, and the organization as a whole as we were all in front of the eyes of New York City and the nation.


This was my second time going to this parade, so I wasn’t as nervous as before, but still, the pressure was there. Having a formation of 200 people was hard to maintain, but we all came together and did well.


It was a great feeling to represent the Civil Air Patrol as a whole in front of such a large audience. It truly is a great program where you can learn so much meet new people with like-minded people and do so many cool things such as the parade.


In conclusion, no matter if the parade is in New York City or a small parade in our town of Woodbridge, it’s all for one common goal; to honor the veterans who served and made sacrifices for the freedom of our country.


On behalf of the Barron Perspective, we thank the veterans and active duty service members for their continued service in our military.

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About the Contributor
Matthew Mazzulla, a sophomore, takes the role of photojournalist and features editor of The Barron Perspective. As a dedicated cadet, he actively participates in both his school’s Army JROTC program and Civil Air Patrol’s Capt “Bud” Jackson Composite Squadron located in Edison, NJ, serving as a member of the U.S Air Force Auxiliary where he does photography and writing not only for his squadron but also for the New Jersey Wing. Matt’s passions encompass flying Cessna aircraft, special forces, aerospace, capturing moments through photography, and expressing his thoughts through writing.

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